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Whether you are an investor, a corporate executive, or an individual acting on your own behalf, buying, selling, or leasing property carries the potential for significant reward, as well as risk. Holm & O’Hara LLP’s team of skilled attorneys has decades of experience handling a wide range of real estate transactions and has collectively closed thousands of deals. We represent purchasers, sellers, borrowers, lenders, joint ventures, landlords, and tenants in both commercial and residential real estate transactions in and around the New York City tristate area. We also serve as general counsel for NNN lease and other commercial and residential transactions across the United States.

Multifamily Properties

Multifamily is a core component of our real estate practice and one of our most developed practice areas. Holm & O’Hara LLP’s elite team of multifamily property attorneys have extensive knowledge of all facets of multifamily transactions, ownership, and financing. From service contract issues to licensing of spaces within the property and everything in between, our expert attorneys navigate all aspects of multifamily and mixed-use deals with professionalism and efficiency. Our broad expertise makes us a valuable and cost-efficient resource for our multifamily clients.

IRC §1031 Like-Kind Exchanges

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code provides real estate investors with a unique and valuable opportunity to defer capital gains tax that would ordinarily be due from the sale of property held for investment purposes. Our real estate lawyers guide clients through the entire 1031 exchange, from working with our clients’ tax professionals to confirm the amount of potential gains tax, to possible restructuring the seller’s entity to facilitate the exchange, to identification of replacement properties and to purchase of replacement properties to successfully complete the like-kind exchange.

Our firm’s extensive experience with and team approach to like-kind exchange transactions enables us to provide clients with the confidence to navigate the rules and deadlines associated with these transactions.

Net-Leased Properties

Over the past two decades, more and more commercial real estate investors have turned away from management-intensive property types to net-leased properties, which typically shift expenses, management responsibility, operational costs, and other expenses to the tenant. We have a great deal of experience with all types of net lease transactions: single net leases, double net leases, triple net leases, and ground leases. Furthermore, our real estate attorneys and paraprofessionals have worked on transactions all around the United States and represent many net lease investors, with sales, purchases and refinances, and any ongoing issues that may arise.

Commercial Leasing

In addition to net-leases, we specialize in all other types of commercial leasing as well, including gross leases and modified gross leases. Far more nuanced than residential leases, commercial leases often require tailored agreements to completely delineate the responsibilities of each party—from maintenance and upkeep to taxes.

Our attorneys have unparalleled knowledge of New York City real estate and are uniquely positioned to draft and execute even the most complex commercial leasing agreements. We work with both lessors and lessees on comprehensive yet concise commercial leases and any other commercial real estate matters.

Commercial Properties

As a preeminent New York law firm specializing in real estate, commercial real estate purchase agreements are among our specialties. We work with clients who are looking to buy or sell commercial properties to ensure that each commercial real estate sale goes smoothly and successfully. Our personalized and engaged approach ensures our clients’ needs are properly addressed every step of the way, that their goals are being prioritized and undue risks are avoided.

Residential Properties

Buying or selling a home can be a process fraught with emotion; we recognize that hiring an attorney for a residential deal is one of the most intensely personal business decisions a homeowner or aspiring homeowner can make. For our clients who are looking for legal services pertaining to residential properties, we take great care to understand their objectives and make each transaction as pleasant and straightforward as possible. We help our clients execute purchases and sales of coops, condominiums, townhouses, and single family homes throughout the tristate area.

Estate Sales

When a loved one passes, a knowledgeable trusts and estates lawyer can assist with the important task of dispersing of the estate’s assets, including real property. Our estate attorneys approach each estate sale with compassion and take the time to explain the process during this trying time.

Multi-State Transactions

Any real estate transaction is made exponentially more complex when the deal involves parties in multiple states (or US territories). The tax issues that come with multi-state transactions can be particularly challenging. From making sure the agreements are in compliance with the law in each state represented to helping our clients navigate the tax laws in each state represented, our team excels at multi-state transactions in both residential and commercial real estate.

Development Rights (“Air Rights”)

Our experienced real estate lawyers understand the value that development rights add to a property either through construction or through a sale of such rights to a neighbor. In New York City with its ever-climbing skyline, “air rights”—the right to develop or sell air space above a property—are particularly important. We work with both residential and commercial real estate clients to make enhance the greatest value of their development rights.

Entity Formation

For many real estate investors, forming a business entity—i.e., a corporation, partnership, etc.—is not only prudent, but necessary. This is particularly true of investor groups. We work with clients to determine the best corporate structure for their entity, draft and file all of the necessary paperwork, and make sure their business is set up for success. Furthermore, o ur attorneys will be on hand to address any legal issues after the entity is formed.

Title Issues

Even in the most straightforward deal, unforeseen problems might arise. For example, a previously unknown heir to a property might surface, an ancient mortgage may remain as record, a government entity could have an easement on the property, or it could be discovered that some of the documents associated with the property had been forged. When stressful title issues arise, we work arduously to resolve them using our extensive experience including filing for title claims and working with title insurers to properly accept risk.


Whether a residential real estate client needs to refinance their mortgage or a commercial real estate client needs to refinance their commercial loan, refinancing comes with pros and cons. When our clients find themselves looking to refinance, we are here to reduce our client’s risks. Our goal is to always help our clients procure the best interest rates and the most favorable terms. From the application stage to appraisal and loan closing, we expertly guide our clients through each phase of the refinancing process.

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As a full-service general practice law firm, we offer virtually all legal matters pertaining to real estate, including consulting on real estate litigation. Our experienced New York real estate attorneys and collaborative approach ensure that our clients understand every facet of the transaction concerning their properties. We provide cost-effective, efficient, and high-quality legal services. From mitigating legal risk to creating structures for wealth preservation and growth, to ensuring compliance, the attorneys and paraprofessionals at Holm & O’Hara LLP safeguard our clients’ current and future interests.

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Practice Areas

Development Rights "Air Rights"

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Multifamily Properties

Our commercial real estate team closes on more than 50 multifamily properties each year

IRC §1031 Like-Kind Exchanges

Receive guidance when structuring a like-kind exchange and tap into a powerful tax-deferral strategy

Net-Leased Properties

An attractive option for investors seeking to reduce intensive active management responsibilities

Commercial Properties

Our services run the gamut from purchases and sales to leases and refinances

Commercial Leasing

Expert guidance in negotiating and drafting commercial lease agreements

Residential Properties

Experienced counsel for first-time homebuyers and seasoned investors alike

Estate Sales

Our attorneys advise family members and estate fiduciaries including executors, administrators, and trustees


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