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Our Labor & Employee Benefits Practice has a proud tradition of providing union counsel services to private and public sector labor organizations and fund counsel services to single- and multi-employer fringe benefit funds and government plans. We also advise on select employment law matters including employee handbooks, severance and contract issues, and discrimination. From collective bargaining to withdrawal liability, ERISA compliance to enforcement efforts, litigation, and everything in between, our experienced team of attorneys will expertly guide you through the web of ever evolving labor, employment and employee benefits laws and fight for you from the bargaining table to the courthouse.

Practice Areas

Labor Union Representation

We protect our clients from unscrupulous or careless employers who attempt to circumvent their obligations

Employee Benefits

Effective employee benefit plans require close attention to design, implementation and management in an ever-changing legal and regulatory landscape

Employment Matters

We advise our clients on their duties and responsibilities as employers and handle various employment law matters

Labor/ERISA Litigation

We routinely represent multi-employer funds and trustees in a wide range of lawsuits and arbitrations


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The attorneys in our labor practice collaborate closely with our union clients, their business managers and members in a broad spectrum of areas

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