Resolve Trade Secrets Dispute

Description: Resolve trade secrets dispute.

HOH client: Employees

Key issues: Document value of “proprietary” information, demonstrate lack of ill intention, reduce value of claim.

Three employees of an executive search firm left to join another firm. Their former employer searched their work computers and alleged that they had stolen trade secrets in the form of LinkedIn contact information. He sought $1M in damages from each of the three. The former employees retained Holm & O’Hara LLP to represent them. We immediately sought an expert opinion on the value of a LinkedIn connection. Noting that such connections do not directly correlate to financial outcomes but merely have the potential to lead to candidates who might – or might not – be hired for certain positions, the expert concluded that the former employer had grossly overestimated their value. We were able to negotiate a final total settlement of just $45,000, saving our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars and protecting their professional reputations.

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